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Anonymous asked: I just wanna say, that 1 ( the Gifs are so good choices :3 and 2 ( Spongebob has changed a bit over the years, do you think that the old ones are better or like the new newer ones coming out?

Thanks very much!

I definitely think the older ones are better, specifically Seasons 1-3. They definitely have changed over the years, and its understandable; it just happens over time with cartoons. Ever since the first Spongebob movie came out, they changed the format and the humor to be like the movie.

I can’t say that the newer episodes, Season 4 and on, are bad at all. I honestly didn’t like them at first. The jokes and the timing were just off for me. But I guess after seeing them a lot cause thats all they would show for a while, I grew to like them and accept them.

Let me also take this time to say that I only have Seasons 1-3 in digital form so I can’t actually make GIFs for anything but those. In addition, the site I use, Amazon, doesn’t have Seasons 2 and 3 in HD so I’m hesitant to rip GIFs of those cause they generally look worse than the Season 1 GIFs. 

But feel free to send me requests for scenes you’d like to see! Just keep in mind that they literally have to be a second or a few seconds long haha

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