Mikrofiches Dissertation Titles

Candidates must submit the master microfiche, the number of microfiche copies specified in their department's regulations, and three copies printed and bound see general. 

Technical requirements: The microfiche must be produced on the basis of an original dissertation print supplied by the candidate to the producer. The following standards must be observed: DIN 19054 (microplan film, microfiche), DIN 19051 (test card), and DIN 19070 (durability).

A microfiche sheet has a header for the title and an array of 98 images (reduction factor no higher that ×24). The header must contain the following information: author, title, location and name of university, year of defense, university department; and pagination.  Candidates should keep to the following example:

Each microfiche sheet of the master must be placed in a separate envelope. The sheets of the other copies can all be put into one envelope per copy of the dissertation.

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