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Basic Physician Training, which lasts for three years, aims at a broad-based training in general Internal Medicine. Experience in other disciplines which interacts with internal Medicine and enriches the trainees is also encouraged and accredited.

Trainees are continuously assessed throughout the training through the use of Trainee Logbook and supervisors' assessment reports. The Intermediate Examination tests the trainees' competence in basic clinical skills, attributes of a physician and level of basic knowledge in general medicine. This can be taken after two years of training. The College has agreed to conduct Joint Examinations twice yearly with MRCP (UK) starting from February 1994, in February and October, in Hong Kong. A pass in the joint MRCP (UK) - HKCP examination and three years of accredited basic physician training are the requirements for admission as Member of the College, which is the recognized higher qualification for entry to Higher Physician Training in the medical specialties.

Higher Physician Training in a medical specialty consists of three years of structured supervised training. To ensure a broad knowledge base, to prevent fragmentation in patient care delivery and to avoid the problems of "super-specialization", concurrent advanced training in Internal Medicine (AIM)/Geriatric Medicine and one other specialty is mandatory. These programmes would require a minimum of four years of supervised training, comprising 24 months (cumulative) of core training in Internal Medicine/Geriatric Medicine and 24 months (cumulative) of core training in one other specialty. Such training programmes must be approved by the AIM Board/Geriatric Medicine Board as well as the Board in the other specialty.

After receiving award of certification in any specialty, a Fellow may also apply to individual Specialty Boards to undertake sequential training in AIM or another specialty.

Each trainee's progress will be judged on the basis of continuous assessment through the use of Trainee Logbook and supervisors' assessment reports. There are formal Interim Assessments after completion of at least 12 months’ training in a specialty, and a formal Exit Assessment at the end of training.

The final Exit Assessment normally takes place in May/June and/or November/December each year. The trainee is to submit a 5,000-word dissertation and attend an interview conducted by an Assessment Board. The Assessment Board comprises the Chairman of the Specialty Board or his/ her nominee, Specialty Programme Director, a member of the Specialty Board or Education & Accreditation Committee or Examination Committee, and an External Assessor who is usually a Specialty Programme Director from another region, or an overseas expert of renown in that specialty. Trainees who are successful at the Exit Assessment will be invited to apply for College Fellowship.

To: All Fellows, Members and Associates of the College

2018 Best Young Investigator Prize

To encourage research by colleagues, the Best Young Investigator Prize was created in 2015 to be awarded annually to the best paper published between 1st July of previous year and 30th June of the awarding year.


Entry into the Best Young Investigator Prize competition is voluntary.

Applicants must be members of the Hong Kong College of Paediatricians (including Associate Members, Members and Fellows) AND aged 46 years or under as at 30th June 2018. 

The papers should be published in peer-reviewed print or electronic journals, and written in English or translated into English if they are written in languages other than English.

Only the first author or corresponding author is eligible to apply. One paper is eligible for only one submission, and each paper will be allowed to compete for only one prize.

If the paper has previously been awarded the Best Dissertation Prize of the College prior to publication, it will not be eligible for the Best Young Investigator Prize and vice versa.

The decision of the assessment panel will be final.


Submission deadline for the year 2018 Prize is 31st August 2018.  Interested colleagues can email their papers (PDF or MS Word format) together with the Application Form to the College Secretariat ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) on or before 31st August 2018.

The Best Young Investigator Prize will include a cash reward of HK$5,000 and will be presented during the College annual dinner in December.

Scientific and Research Subcommittee

Hong Kong College of Paediatricians

Neonatal Resuscitation Course (NRP course) in Chengdu and Ninxia

To: All Fellows of the College

The College Foundation will organize two NRP courses in Chengdu and Ninxia on May this year. The itinerary as below for your reference. All NRP instructors who can communicate in Mandarin are welcome to help in teaching NRP in China. Hope that we can have a good start in Yinchuan!


20 May 2018

Teaching at Chengdu:

21 – 22 May 2018

Trip to Yinchuan:

23 May 2018

Teaching at Ninxia:

24 – 25 May 2018

For those who are interested, please contact the College Secretariat by e-mail at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Dr Cheung Kam Lau


Hong Kong College of Paediatricians Foundation


Dear Associates,

Please be informed that the next MRCPCH Applied Knowledge in Practice Examination will be held on 8 May 2018. Candidates wishing to sit the above exam in HK must apply both online using the RCPCH website ( ) AND submit paper applications to our College. Please study carefully the details of application as outlined in the attached circular.

Application period
19 February 2018 – 7 March 2018

Examination Fee

Payment should be made payable to Hong Kong College of Paediatricians.

Attached please find an Application Form C for your use.

1. All theory exams have been moved to computer-based testing since January 2015. Please refer to the RCPCH website for more CBT information:

2. Sample examination questions are available on the RCPCH website for candidates viewing. Candidates sitting for CBT exams are strongly advised to study these sample questions at this link (  ).

3. Candidates can sit the MRCPCH theory exams in any order, and are allowed to take the Applied Knowledge in Practice Exam as their first MRCPCH theory exam.

4. Those candidates who have never taken an exam with the RCPCH and/or do not have an RCPCH number are advised to first register with the RCPCH well before the application period. You are not able to apply for any examinations online until your registration is accepted. You need to have a RCPCH number in order to access your online application forms for your exams.

Thank you for your kind attention.

College Secretariat


Dear Members,

The next Exit Assessment of the College will be held on 21 June 2018 (Thursday). Attached please find an announcement, application form, FORM A and FORM B for your information. Members wishing to sit this Exit Assessment can send your completed applications to the College from now until 3 April 2018 (Tuesday).

Please be reminded to include FORM A (Record of Higher Training in Paediatrics) and FORM B (Checklist for Dissertations) in your submission. Both hard and soft copies of your dissertations should also be submitted.

1.For all trainees who started their basic paediatric training on or after 1 July 2009, a proof of completion of a formal Child Protection Course within their 6-year Paediatric Training Programme should be submitted along with the application.

2.Dissertations submitted for this Exit Assessment will be considered for the 2018 Best Dissertation Prize awarded by the College. Case reports will not be considered for the Prize.

Thank you for your kind attention.

College Secretariat


To:  All Fellows, Members and Associates of the College,

Attached please find the new College Newsletter for your attention.

College Newsletter, February 2018

Best regards
College Secretary
Hong Kong College of Paediatricians


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