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COURSE CODE/COURSE: MGT162 – Fundamentals of ManagementPREPRED !": Pn #u$%a&'da FuadFCU(T": !us'ness ManagementSEMESTER: )une 2*1+ – Se,tem-e$ 2*1+T"PE OF SS.G#ME#T: GROUP SS.G#ME#T Re,o$t: 1*0  P$esentat'on: +0


Students a$e $e3u'$ed to fo$m a g$ou, %&'4& 4ons'sts of 5 – + mem-e$s Ea4& g$ou, needsto f'nd one o$gan'7at'on -ased on 8ou$ 'nte$est 9o%ee$; 8ou must ensu$e t&at t&eo$gan'7at'on t&at 8ou 4&oose d'd not oe$la, %'t& t&e ot&e$ g$ou, Students must %$'te a$e,o$t -ased on 8ou$ unde$stand'ng f$om t&e lesson lea$ned 'n t&e 4lass To%a$ds t&e end of t&e semeste$; ea4& g$ou, needs to ,$esent t&e'$ 'deas and f'nd'ngs to t&e $est of t&e 4lass



E<,la'n t&e -a4=g$ound of t&e o$gan'7at'on'#ame of t&e f'$m/-us'ness''(o4at'on'''P$odu4ts > se$'4es!Plann'ng

.dent'f8 and e<,la'n t&e f'$m?s – M'ss'on statement; goals; st$ateg'es used -8 t&e f'$msfo$ long@te$m d'$e4t'onCO$gan'7'ng

.dent'f8 t&e f'$m?s – O$gan'7at'onal st$u4tu$e and e<,la'n t&e o$gan'7at'on?s 4&a'n of 4ommand; s,an of 4ont$ol; l'ne > staff $es,ons'-'l't'es and t8,es of de,a$tmental'7at'onD(ead'ng

.dent'f8 t&e leade$s&', a,,$oa4& used -8 t&e manage$ 'n ma='ng su$e t&at 8ou$ em,lo8ees a$e %o$='ng to%a$ds a4&'e'ng t&e goals of &'s/&e$ o$gan'7at'on Relate 8ou$ ans%e$ %'t& an8 leade$s&', t&eo$'es ECont$ol

Des4$'-e t&e 4ont$ol met&ods ado,ted -8 f'$ms ,$e@a4t'on 4ont$ol; stee$'ng 4ont$ol;s4$een'ng 4ont$ol and ,ost@a4t'on 4ont$ol

Come out %'t& e<am,les of t&e 4ont$oll'ng a4t''t'es t&at ta=e ,la4e 'n an8 of t&e f'$mde,a$tment Planned ,e$fo$man4e ta$get; a4tual ,e$fo$man4e and 4o$$e4t'on a4t'on-e'ng ta=enFCon4lus'on

E<,la'n %&at 8ou &ae lea$ned f$om t&e d's4uss'on %'t& 8ou$ g$ou, mem-e$s





...­­Thiago DeSouza Homework Assignment 1 ISOM 319: Operations Management Problem 1: 1. Input: Warehouse worker(s), package item(s), transportation vehicle, transportation pilots/drivers, and information for best method of travel. Transformation: Care for package(s), maintain client(s) informed, and transport package(s). Output: Transported package(s) and correct location and time of arrival. 2. Input: Idea development, financial backing, engineers, blueprint(s) design, prototype(s) creation, and material(s) selection. Transformation: Research and development, market approval, premarket modification(s), market confirmation, and trail production. Output: Final product, mass production, and product marketing. 3. Input: Customer cash, customer account, financial institution, and financial institution employees. Transformation: Receiving deposit, allocation of account, secure money, and responsible for value. Output: Secure storage, enhanced balance, and availability. Problem 2: Yes, it is possible to have both high flow time and inventory, or have them both low. I would rather have a low inventory with a low flow time, because it means that the process would have a low waiting time. Problem 3: 1. I = $100M R = $400M+$200M/year T = I/R 100/600 = .16 years => 2 months; The avg. dollar spends 60 days in the process. 2. I = RxT R = 10,000/year T = 3 weeks => 3/50 (office weeks) 10,000 x 3/50 yr = 600 claims at any given points Problem 4:...

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