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  • Summary of the Lesson

    Introduction Class 2a is a mixed year group, with 13, more able, year one pupils and 16, less able, year two pupils. The differentiation by the classroom teacher tends to centre around ability grouping with a total of four grouped sets, two for each year group within the class. The lesson to be described took… View Article

  • Sociology and Teenage Pregnancy

    Sociologists have long been interested in investigating and explaining issues in health and social care. Today, evidence based research is used extensively to inform both policy and practice in health and social care and sociologists have continued to inform this process. For my research project I have decided to look at the issue of teenage… View Article

  • What Contribution have feminists made to our understanding of victimisation?

    In answering this question it would be useful to first discuss very briefly, the feminist contribution to the study of criminology in general to help and aid understanding of the feminist perspective on victimisation. The feminist contribution to victimisation shall be outlined, along with evidence to back up any arguments that are put forwards, any… View Article

  • Seymour Harris Partnership

    For architects Seymour Harris Partnership, designing St David’s Hall was an unusual, if not unique, commission for several reasons. The primary challenge was how to provide a major 2,000-seat concert hall in the cramped space available and to complicate this issue, the building had to be fitted into an existing planned, and partly built, shopping… View Article

  • Professional Values and Awareness

    In this assignment I will identify issues that affect the care provided in a home for adults with learning disabilities. Using the “case study” format I will focus on the interpersonal relationships and identify the underlying factors that influence them, then provide explanations for these by applying established theories. Churton (2000:214) describes a case study… View Article

  • Sustainable Design and Its Place in my Pedagogy

    I believe that a person needs to know how to make (they need an understanding of the theories of manufacture at very least). They need to have that skill before they can become an accomplished designer. Equally, I believe that a maker needs to have a good understanding of the design process (they need a… View Article

  • Teaching And Learning Activities

    Introduction There are many teaching and learning activities which are used to achieve lesson plan aims and objectives. The choice will depend upon a number of factors, such as the domain and level of objective. For example, the most appropriate activities to learn a motor skill is through demonstration and individual practice whereas to gain… View Article

  • Expressions of the self through the body

    Within the framework of the 21st Century, western society is increasingly exposed to images and ideologies of the embodiment of ‘success’ and ‘happiness’. The media is rife with these conceptualisations and affects us all on varying levels of influence and intensity. The very basis of the study of the social sciences (that various spheres of… View Article

  • Economic development

    Economic development and economic growth are both indicators of the economic position of the country. Economic growth is the growth in gross domestic product and economic development is related to growth in the standard of living and poverty. As you can see economic growth and economic development are not the same thing, economic development is… View Article

  • Child health issue

    The things that come to mind when we think about health are the well-being of mind and body, the mental and physical well-being, disease and illness, social well-being and many more. Although health is measured by the amount of disease and illnesses there are, it is difficult to define health. According to the World Health… View Article

  • Management Accounting

    Economists and accountants have diametrically opposite views of cost-volume profit (CVP) behaviour but only accountant’s have a CVP model that is appropriate for assisting management with decision making Ryan Bebbington Word Count 1796 Economists and accountants have diametrically opposite views of cost-volume profit (CVP) behaviour but only accountant’s have a CVP model that is appropriate… View Article

  • The incoming UK government

    In 1997, the incoming UK government provided The National Literacy Strategy, a ‘steady and consistent’1 means of raising standards of literacy, in English primary schools. The motive behind raising these standards was for the economy because if the levels of literacy were to low in a significant proportion of the population, then the economy could… View Article

  • Examine sociological explanations of the difference in the educational performance of ethnic minorities in Britain

    The connection between ethnicity and educational accomplishment is very complicated as there is a great deal of difference between achievements between each of the ethnic groups. In previous studies, such as those carried out to compile the Swann report (1985), used very simplistic classifications of each of the ethnic groups, ‘Afro-Caribbean’, ‘Asian’ and ‘All others’… View Article

  • Sample Accounting Report Writing

    1.0 Introduction This report has been prepared for Barnaby Trading regarding the business performance analysis for 3 consecutive years from 2003 to 2005. It has been prepared after analyzing the balance sheet and income statement of all three years. Ratios have been derived from these statements in relation to the profitability, financial stability, management effectiveness… View Article

  • Class Observation Report

    Introduction Teaching English is never easy, however, teaching English to speakers of other languages is especially a challenge. The purpose of this report is to point out ‘good’ ESOL teaching by observing a TESOL class. The class which I observed is Master of English (International) at Melbourne University Private (MUP). This report includes the backgrounds… View Article

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