Transport Manager Cpc Case Study Questions

Transport Manager Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) - Road Haulage

Demonstrating ‘professional competence’ is a fundamental requirement of the operator licensing system, for both Standard National and Standard International licences. Given that the CPC qualification is a ‘licence to practice’, our aim is to continually strive to improve the pass rate for the benefit of our members and their staff.

Most of these improvements are unique to FTA and have helped us become a market leader for this qualification.

Book your place on our Transport Manager CPC - Road Haulage training course here.

Who should attend?

Anyone wishing to demonstrate ‘professional competence’ for the purpose of operator licensing.

Course content

  • Civil law
  • Commercial law
  • Social law
  • Fiscal law
  • Business and financial management of the undertaking
  • Access to the market
  • Technical standards and technical aspects of operation
  • Road safety

Course duration

We provide two options:

Back-to-back: 8 days over the course of two weeks

3-2-3: 8 days over the course of six weeks with a week's gap inbetween each of the teaching periods

Booking and course availability

For all course dates, venues and bookings, please search our course dates online selecting whether you are wanting back-to-back or 3-2-3 courses or call us on 03717 11 22 22


Members: £1,197+VAT
Non-members: £1,496.25+VAT
Examination fees: £95 no VAT (Subject to change at the discretion of City & Guilds)

Save £50 off a case study revision course if booked at the same time as the full course. 

Do you wish to also achieve 28 hours Driver CPC with your Transport Manager CPC?

Price: £97.50.

Both of these offers must be stated at the time of booking.
Price includes tuition, course materials, lunch and refreshments.
If any special requirements or access arrangements are needed, please notify at the time of booking.
In-company courses can follow a schedule and format which suits operational requirements.

Maximum 16 delegates.

Exam dates 2017 for Case Study Exam 

Quarter 1Quarter 2Quarter 3Quarter 4
3 March16 June8 September1 December

 Why choose FTA?

Pass first time with FTA or we pay for the resit exam
Our aim is a 100 per cent pass rate. However, should this not happen, we’ll pay for another exam attempt. We’ll ensure that your candidates receive the very best preparation and therefore chance of passing the CPC. Provided a candidate has attended a full course with us, we will accept the responsibility for anything less than complete success. This satisfaction guarantee underpins our commitment to our CPC candidates.

Better prepared candidates
All candidates enrolled on this CPC course will be given access to online pre-course study covering operator licensing, EC drivers’ hours and records, maintenance and driver licensing. Online support will be available to candidates for the duration of the course. Access will be made available to candidates four weeks prior to the course, up until the date of the exam.

Modern and timely testing
E-testing is available on all CPC courses, including incompany courses. Taking the multiple choice examination on the final day of the course has increased the pass rate for this exam by 18 per cent. This is due to the retention and recency of candidate knowledge. E-testing also enables candidates to concentrate their revision time on the case study exam, also improving the pass rate for the written paper. Thirdly, e-test resits can be rescheduled sooner than the paper exam. Resit details are provided alongside the course dates. We also include a free preparation session with one of our trainers on the morning of the resit exam (e-tests only).

Case study revision courses
These optional sessions benefit candidates by focusing specifically on the written exam. The workshop sessions use sample case study questions, coupled with exam techniques and guidance provided by the CPC tutor. The two-day courses are scheduled in the week of the exam. Save £50 if booked at the same time as the full course.

Excellent pass rates
Better pass rates benefit employers by reducing an employee’s time out of the business to resit examinations. The City & Guilds CPC exam, taken through FTA, regularly exceeds the OCR pass rate.

Professional development
Successful CPC candidates will also receive an award in the Commercial Vehicle Fleet Management Qualification (CV FMQ). This establishes a pathway for further professional development and qualification. 

Full 28 hours Driver CPC
28 hours Driver CPC (DCPC) can be achieved by attending the Transport Manager CPC course. For ‘acquired Transport Manager CPC rights’ drivers this could mean they satisfy all the DCPC hours required for the five-year block: September 2014 to September 2019. This option is particularly beneficial to occasional LGV drivers; those in managerial or supervisory roles. This also mitigates the risk of duplicated training spend. The option to include DCPC should be specified at the time of booking.

Assist your candidates to succeed
FTA provides introductory courses to gauge whether their candidates are ready for the challenge of Transport Manager CPC.
For example:
Option 1 – Primer in advance of the full CPC qualification: OLAT course
Option 2 – Beginner, or candidates who do not require CPC: Introduction to Road Transport Operations course


If you use a goods vehicles (in excess of 3.5 tonnes GVW), commercially, on the public highway you must be in possession of an operator Licence.
There are certain conditions that must be met in order to be awarded (and retain) an operator licence (operating centre, vehicle maintenance contract, off street parking etc.)

If you move “other peoples” goods you are also required to appoint a CPC holder. CPC stands for Certificate of Professional Competence. A CPC holder is responsible for day to day running of the vehicles. It is a qualification that is (normally) held by the appointed transport manager. Having the CPC qualification means having a thorough understanding of running a transport business.

CPC examination changes
After 4th December 2011 how you attain a CPC qualification changed. The National and International CPC qualification is now combined. That is to say it is no longer possible just to attain the national CPC qualification. The changes (were in part) introduced to harmonise the UK CPC qualification with the rest of Europe.

New entrants (wishing to attain CPC) must now pass one multi choice and one case study examination. The multi choice exam consists of 60 questions. Students must get at least 70% (42 correct) to be awarded a pass. The case study exam consists of 6-8 questions and the pass mark required is 50%. It’s worth noting the case study examination is open book (you can take whatever notes with you into the exam.)

OCR are (one of the approved) examination bodies responsible for setting and marking CPC examinations, which are (currently) held once every 3 months. OCR has recently published a number of CPC sample papers to give students and idea of what to expect in the exam.

To view the sample multi choice paper please click here.
To view the sample case study paper please click here.

Passing the CPC examinations is no “walk in the park” therefore appropriate study and preparation is highly recommended. To find a good CPC training provider please use our free “find local training” search page. We promote and list some of the best commercial transport CPC training companies in the UK.

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